What is Friendstosupport.org (Friends2Support.org): Website and Mobile Apps In 2023

Let’s explore today what Friends2Support.org is, which is proving itself to be one of the best blood donor searching platforms. We will also see here how to use the Friends2Support.org website and mobile apps.

Let’s see what is Friendstosupport.org (Friends2Support.org):

Blood! There is no need to explain how important it is for human life. But when a person meets with an accident or is affected by some disease that requires blood, his family members are worried about where to arrange it. If patients’ blood group is rare, it becomes even more difficult to arrange and get the blood of this blood group. Blood can be taken from the blood bank, but there is no guarantee that it will be genuine or not.
Many patients’ families lose their patients’ lives and even their hard-earned money by falling prey to brokers. Every year, our nation requires 5 crore units of blood, but its availability is merely 2.5 crore units. But there is no need to panic. Friends2Support.org and many organizations like it have taken up the initiative to arrange voluntary blood donors.
Friends2Support.org is a non-profit organization that brings blood donors and needy people to a common platform through its website or mobile app. It is the world’s largest voluntary blood donation online platform. There are about 4,00,000 people registered in this organization as voluntary blood donors.
This organization was started on November 14, 2005, with only 100 voluntary blood donors in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, by five friends: Shaik Shareef, Naveen Reddy, Eswar S., Phani Kethamakka, and Murali Krishna. The mission of this organization is to fulfill every blood request in the country and motivate people to donate blood.
Presently, this organization serves the following countries: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Yemen, and Oman, but is gradually expanding its domain to the rest of the world.
Friends2Support.org has many achievements and awards. This organization has also been awarded the “Award of Excellence-2015” from the Ministry of Health, Government of India, and is also listed in the Limka Book of Records as having the largest voluntary blood donor database.

Friends2Support.org app and website:

This organization has launched its official website and mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, from which voluntary blood donors may be searched. You can also register yourself as a voluntary blood donor through their website and mobile apps.
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How do I use the Friends2Support.org website or app to search for blood donors?

(A) For Searching Blood Donor:

  • Open its website or
  • Download mobile apps as mentioned above and install them.
  • For searching for blood donors, just enter Blood Group, Country, State, District, and City and click the Search button.
  • You will be shown a list of voluntary blood donors for that blood group, along with their mobile numbers.
  • You can call them or message them. You can also share their details with anyone.

(B) For registering as a voluntary blood donor:

You can register yourself as a voluntary blood donor through its website and mobile apps with the help of your mobile number and OTP. For this, you have to fill out the following online application form for registering yourself as a voluntary blood donor at Friends2Support.org:

Features of the Friends2Support.org website and apps:

  • a common platform that brings needy people and voluntary blood donors together online.
  • There is no need to wander anywhere for the arrangement of blood.
  • There is no need to get preserved blood from blood banks. · There is no need to get entangled in the bloody arrangement between brokers.

Other Blood Donor Platforms:

  • UBlood
  • e-RaktKosh
  • BloodConnect, etc.

Blood: Let’s discuss some facts about it:

Types of human blood are: A, B, AB, and O. The frequency of the types of blood is as follows:

  • O+: 1 in 3
  • O-: 1 in 15
  • A+: 1 in 3
  • 1 in 16
  • B+: 1 in 12
  • B-: 1 in 67
  • AB+: 1 in 29
  • AB: 1 in 167
So, we can see that the AB-blood type is the rarest human blood group. O-blood type (red cells) can be transferred to patients of all blood types. It has great demand but is in short supply.

Approximate use of blood in various situations:

  • Accident: 50 units
  • Surgery: 6 units (blood or plasma)
  • Organ transplant: 40 units
  • Bone Marrow Transplant: 120 units platelets or 20 units bloods
  • Burn: 20 units platelets
What is Friendstosupport.org
All Images’ source: Friends2Support.org website/apps


Thus, we have seen what is Friendstosupport.com and how easy it has become to find voluntary blood donors with the help of organizations like Friends2Support.org, and thus there is no wastage of time that is necessary to save the precious life of the patient. In addition to this, we can be saved from other troubles as well. Just find blood donors in your city or area, and you will get blood without delay, no matter what your blood type is.
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