About Us

Welcome to my blog “AppKida.in”! I am very delighted to have you here.

You can find this blog at  appkida.in
In this blog, I am passionate about sharing information regarding apps and the latest technologies that may prove useful and can make our day-to-day lives easier. I will also share information regarding computers and mobile technology-related news in this blog. The mission of this blog is to make people aware of this.

Who am I?

Abhijit Ranjan: [I am a law graduate and MCA.] Presently in government service. I have worked on several software and website development projects, and I am very fond of technology-related information. In addition to this, I also love traveling, and I am a foodie 🙂
Why did I start this blog?
It was always on my mind to share some good technology-related information with my friends. So, this blog.
What can you expect from this blog?
On this blog, I will try to deliver some good-quality content that may be beneficial for my readers, and I will try to match your expectations from this blog.
Abhijit Ranjan