Thoothukudi cyber crime police recover 875 mobile phones: Big Update Cybercrime India 2024

Thoothukudi cyber crime police recover 875 mobile phones: Tech News

Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu, India, traditionally known as the “Pearl City” due to the pearl fish prevalent in the area in the past, has an interesting history. Becoming part of the Pandyan Empire between the 7th and 9th centuries, Thoothukudi remained in the hands of the Cholas between the 9th and 12th centuries. Thoothukudi’s emergence as a sea port attracted travelers, adventurers and eventually colonists. 

Today it is also in the limelight due to the rapid growth of cyber crime.

Thoothukudi cyber crime police recover 875 mobile phones
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As per news, Superintendent of Police L. Balaji Saravanan said here on Thursday that the district cyber crime police have so far recovered 875 stolen and lost mobile phones worth ₹94.50 lakh and handed them over to their rightful owners.

Speaking to reporters after handing over 100 mobile phones worth around ₹15 lakh to owners, Superintendent of Police said the district cyber crime police recovered ₹46.59 lakh from fraudsters, after registering 28 cases in connection with online fraud and returned it to the victims. 

Additionally, ₹19.62 crore was frozen in the bank accounts of online fraudsters. The amount will be returned to the victims after receiving appropriate orders from the courts.

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He said that the sincere and sustained efforts being made by the district police, especially by organizing ‘Maatraththai Thedi’ (In Search of Change) program in all the villages to sensitize and encourage the villagers to stay away from illegal activities, The number of murders has decreased. Cases in the district. While there were 78 murders in the district in 2022, the number dropped to 68 in 2023. The police had solved 70% of the 578 crime cases in the district and property worth ₹3.87 crore was returned to the owners last year.

In a drive against drugs and banned tobacco products, the police had last year seized 1,535 kg of ganja worth ₹1.53 crore from 249 persons and registered 127 cases against them. As a result, 30 ganja smugglers and smugglers were detained under the Goondas Act, while 155 others involved in heinous crimes were also detained under the Act.

On the occasion, the SP also handed over ₹13.36 lakh to three people who had lost their money due to online fraudsters.

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