Seminar on Cyber Ethics Held At Rajasthan University: Big Update 2024 India

Seminar on Cyber Ethics Held At Rajasthan University: Brief Report 2024 India

India’s Rajasthan University (RU) on Thursday (25th January, 2024) held a national seminar on cyber ethics, where experts said cyber security is an important part of national security. The seminar, organized by the Department of Philosophy and Dr. CBS Cyber ​​Foundation, was inaugurated by RU Vice-Chancellor Professor Alfana Kateja.

In this seminar, former Director General of BSF (Border Security Force) Mr. ML Kumawat also expressed his views and described cyber security as an important part of national security and said that the need for better cyber security is increasing with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Seminar on Cyber Ethics Held At Rajasthan University
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He emphasized on ways to increase awareness about AI and computer technology and said that everyone needs to be cautious about the safe use of the latest technology.

Discussion was also held in this event about the use and misuse of AI in content published on the Internet, mobile videos watched by children, mobile applications etc.

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What Is Cyber Ethics?

Cyber ​​ethics basically means using the internet responsibly and cautiously.

Cyber ​​ethics is a study of computer and Internet related ethics. It covers the behavior of users, what computers are programmed to do and how it affects a society or individual. All this is included in it.

Nowadays even children have started using the internet as it is now very common. So it has become more important than ever to tell these children about its dangers. It is very difficult to talk to teenagers because they do not like to listen to anyone’s lectures. They think they will solve it somehow. This is why it is important to instill appropriate cyber ethics at an early age.

So, let’s discuss what are the things that we should keep in mind.

Download Right Thing And Avoid Copyright Issues:

Copyright and downloading is a big issue because most of the people, especially children, are not aware about it. People can search and download whatever they want. This is the wrong approach. Always try to download the right thing and avoid publishing duplicate materials which can  raise copyright issues.

Hacking System Or Database Without Permission:

Hacking a system or database without permission of its owner and stealing its data is a cyber crime. This should always be avoided.

Avoid Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying means threatening, abusing or harassing a person on the internet and trying to ruin his/her reputation.

Cyberbullying can generally happen on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Making or threatening to make someone’s obscene or private photos or videos viral also comes under this category.

Therefore, we should tell our children how to avoid this as it can be very dangerous. 

Whenever cyberbullying happens to someone, he or she should first tell it to someone close to him and always stay away from such people who indulge in cyberbullying activities.

Downloading Softwares From Authentic Sources Or Links:

We should also use authentic sources, official websites or links for downloading softwares. Downloading from an unauthorized source or link may get your system or phone compromised and you may become vulnerable to malware or ransomware.

Avoid Stealing And Using Anyone Else’s Credentials:

We should always avoid stealing someone’s password or credentials and using them.

Seminar on Cyber Ethics Held At Rajasthan University
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So, these are some basic cyber ethics that we all should follow and also teach to our children so that we can use the Internet safely and healthily. 

That’s a brief information on cyber ethics I thought to share with you! I hope this will be valuable for you. You can reach me through the emails given below. I will love your valuable comments and feedback.


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