Digital Detox Advantages and Disadvantages: Best Practice 2024

Digital Detox Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays almost every person has mobile phones. In the last two decades, a lot of functionalities have been added to mobile phones and it is no longer just a means of making calls. 

The advantage of having access to the Internet is that information from around the world is available to people at just one click.

Digital Detox Advantages and Disadvantages
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But, along with necessary information, various types of videos, games and OTT channels are also available on the Internet which are a great source of entertainment for people. 

In earlier times, one had to go to the cinema hall to watch movies and people remained glued to the cinema screen only for almost 3 hours. But, now millions of movies or your favorite TV programs are available on your phone which you can watch 24X7 whenever you want.

If you are alone and only your phone, its charger and sufficient internet data are available to you then you can live your life happily alone in any corner of the world.

Through a survey it has been found that about 61% of people are addicted to the internet and digital screens.

Many people have the habit of checking their phones even at 2 o’clock in the night or as soon as they wake up in the morning.

But using any equipment for necessary things and becoming addicted to it are different things. Addiction to digital screens or anything else cannot be good and many of its side effects also start appearing.

Side effects of being glued to digital screens are being seen in people, which are mainly as follows:

  • Self-image problem occurs
  • Feeling low self-esteem
  • Problems due to inadequate sleep
  • Depression
  • Worry
  • Weight gain
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Laziness
  • Lack of interest in work
  • Lack of concentration, etc.

These things are continuously increasing among people and the main reason for this is addiction to digital screens.

A way to overcome this situation has been found which is called ‘Digital Detox’.

What Is Digital Detox?

This means distancing yourself from the digital world. People set themselves the target of staying away from their smartphones and the internet for a few hours, days or months. 

According to experts, people get addicted to living in the virtual world in the same way as they get addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. They are unable to get out of it even if they want to. 

In such a situation, going on a digital vacation for some time to keep yourself away from the illusion of technology is called ‘Digital Detox’. During this, people take a break and stay away from mobile, internet and other technologies.

This method is becoming very popular in the modern world to get rid of side effects of digital screen addiction.

You can guess how popular the method of Digital Detox is that tour and travel companies around the world are bringing technology free holiday packages and are providing the facility of technology free camping which is becoming quite popular among the people.

The trend of digital detox is spreading in India along with countries like the USA, China, Britain etc. 

According to experts, earlier people used to ask about whether the hotel has Wi-Fi, internet etc. facility or not, but now they are looking for such hotels where even the phone does not come on the network. 

As per experts, nearly 34 percent of internet users in Britain have tried digital detox.

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Advantages Of Digital Detox:

Reconnect with people around you

Turning off your devices gives you a chance to reconnect with the world around you. You’ll be amazed when you are detached from your phone, take off your headphones and experience all the sights and sounds. What a beautiful place it could be.

Although most of us may use our digital devices to connect with each other, it often distracts us from actually connecting with the people who are actually around us. 

You can put away your devices and allow yourself to fully enjoy the company of the people around you, you’ll be surprised at how much more engaged you’ll instantly feel.

Finding new hobbies

You can spend your time with your old hobby or even finding a new one. You can also use the time you spend on your devices doing yoga, reading, drawing or anything else and you will definitely feel more satisfied.

To avoid sleeping problems

Many studies have shown that the use of digital devices is ruining our sleep, especially when used an hour before going to bed. Turning off your devices ensures that you can sleep better at night and won’t be woken up in the middle of the night with something that has to wait until the morning. This will improve your mental health.

For spending some time for yourself

Digital devices allow us to stay connected all the time, but sometimes we just need time to be alone. Digital detox can turn off your mind for some time and you can feel relaxed.

To increase your concentration

Your tech devices can be an unwanted distraction that a digital detox will help you get rid of. Whether at work, socializing with friends, or just enjoying some down time, the light from your phone screen is enough to divert your attention from whatever you are doing.  It can make you less productive, but a digital detox will help you to stop it.

Your tech devices can be an unwanted distraction that a digital detox will help you get rid of. Whether at work, socializing with friends, or just enjoying some down time, the light from your phone screen is enough to divert your attention from whatever you are doing in an instant and make you feel very Makes you less productive, but a digital detox will help stop it.

It can improve your health

It has been observed that excessive use of digital devices affects your health. Have you ever experienced a headache or neck pain after hunching over a screen all day? Digital detox can break the habits that are linked to these problems and give you better health.

Enjoy your life more

Live in the present, feel connected to the world and other people around you, be happier and healthier and have more time to do the things you love and what really matters.

To avoid the ill consequences of social media

People who are hyper active on social media develop the habit of comparing themselves to others, which is a very bad habit. Along with this, the feeling of arrogance also increases. Digital detox can help stop this.

To improve relationships

By being separated from the digital world for some time, you will be able to spend some time with people near you or relatives near you and this will be very helpful in improving your relationships.

Having a long friend list on Facebook and the number of followers on Twitter may be a matter of pride, but you should make real friends too.

Hyperactivity on social media is also not good from a security point of view. In this situation, whatever you are doing in your personal life is known even to strangers.

Digital Detox Advantages and Disadvantages
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Disadvantages Of Digital Detox:

However, some research has not found Digital Detox to be very effective. Researchers have said that even after maintaining complete distance from digital screens or social media, people have not benefited much.

One important aspect in my opinion is that people have distanced themselves from technology, but it has not replaced it by meeting other people or improving their social relationships, which is why they have not got the results they expected.


In my opinion digital detox will be effective only when you take steps towards improving your social relationship. You do not need to sacrifice technology completely but you need to use it wisely and use it as much as is necessary. Then you will get the full benefit of digital detox.

That’s all for now my friend! I hope this article will be valuable for you. You can reach me through the emails given below. I will love your valuable comments and feedback.


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