What is D2M Technology in 2023? Is It Revolutionary?

Hi friends! In this article, we will explore the answers to the possible questions related to D2M technology, i.e., what is D2M technology in 2023, how does D2M technology work, and so on.

What is D2M technology in 2023
What is D2M technology in 2023

What is the Full Form of D2M?

The full form of D2M is Direct to Mobile or you can also say, Device to Metaverse Technology.

What is D2M Technology in 2023?

In the last few years, there has been a data revolution in the field of the Internet. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands, and their use is not limited to making calls only. People are connected to the whole world through Internet data. Through the Internet, you are able to watch many entertaining programs on your smart TV or your phone at home, like watching a movie on an OTT platform or watching Live TV, etc.

How nice would it be if you didn’t need the Internet for these things? Keeping this in mind, the Indian government is trying to bring D2M on the lines of D2H (direct-to-home) service, and after its implementation, you will not need Internet to watch live TV or OTT platforms on your smartphone.

Who Invented D2M Technology?

The Telecom Department, Information and Broadcasting Department, and Prasar Bharti of the Government of India are working together with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur on the Direct to Mobile (D2M) project so that you will not need Internet in the future for watching live TV or OTT platforms’ programs.

How Does D2M Technology Work?

Broadcasting and broadband technologies coming together is known as direct-to-mobile broadcasting, or D2M technology. In the same way that we may tap an FM radio to listen to it, cellphones can now get terrestrial digital TV.

D2M allows multimedia content to be directly received by mobile phones as well. D2M technology allows for instantaneous and flawless data transmission, so that interactions and engagement can occur in real time, unlike with traditional broadcasting methods.

Moreover, advanced data compression algorithms and fast communication protocols are at the heart of D2M broadcasting technology’s operation.

When sending data (content), this capability enables lower latency. In order to maximize content distribution, D2M is also actively utilizing the capabilities of edge and cloud computing.

Multiple devices and network circumstances are intended to be supported concurrently by this optimization.

What is the Frequency of D2M Technology?

D2M Technology uses a specific radio frequency band (526–582 MHz) for this purpose, which works nicely with broadcast service and mobile service. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has formed a committee to investigate the potential uses and ramifications in an effort to efficiently use this band for D2M technology.

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What is D2M Technology in 2023
What is D2M Technology in 2023

What are the Advantages of D2M Technology?

Some important advantages of D2M technology are as follows:

  • Citizen-Centric Service: TV hosts and broadcasting ministries can offer content that is customized to the tastes of their viewers. Moreover, in terms of providing pertinent and interesting material that is tailored to many parameters, like locations, etc.
  • Provides a Wide Educational and Advertisement Domain: In a survey, it was found that the availability of smartphones in India is more than four (4) times that of televisions, i.e., more than 800 million. So, this can be more effective in spreading educational information to the users. Furthermore, it will provide a greater domain for advertisement; hence, it will help in more revenue generation too.
  • Controlling Fake News: Since the government does not have complete control over the internet, fake news can be easily disseminated. With D2M technology, however, verified news may be delivered straight to mobile devices to stop the spread of false information.
  • Prompt Alert System for Emergency and Disaster Management: In the event of a natural disaster, prompt disaster management alerts can be issued. Additionally, this contributes to pre-planning with increased public safety and readiness as well as a decrease in casualties.
  • Real-time Watching News and Sports: We enjoy watching live news and sports on television, and we can now do the same in real time on our mobile phones without requiring an additional connection or dish. This informs the user of current events in sports and development.
  • Internet Data Free Streaming: Users of direct-to-mobile broadcasting are able to stream continuously without having to purchase intent packages or utilize data. An uninterrupted experience for the user is possible with lower latency and no buffering possibilities.

What are the Challenges in Implementation of D2M Technology in India?

Although there are many benefits to D2M technology, telecom operator companies and other stakeholders are opposing the project because it is not beneficial for their businesses. Nowadays, data plans are mostly sold for mobiles, and there is a possibility of a loss in business due to D2M technology. Still, the government is trying to find a solution by talking to these companies.

Furthermore, it seems that a lot of work still remains to be done in this area on the infrastructure level. In June 2022, IIT, Kanpur, published a whitepaper on the D2M broadcast and 5G convergence road map for India. In this whitepaper, specific hardware has been suggested for the implementation of D2M technology. IIT, Kanpur, has contracted with a telecom startup, namely “Saankhya Labs,” for hardware requirements, and work is going on.

After fulfilling all the prerequisites, the Indian government can announce the launch date of the D2M technology.

What is D2M Technology in 2023
What is D2M Technology in 2023


Thus, we see that undoubtedly there are many benefits to D2M technology, and it will bring about a technological revolution, but there are also many challenges in its implementation, whether it is technology-related or any other kind. The government is making efforts to solve this, and it is hoped that soon this dream will come true.

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