What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR? Amazing Technologies In 2023

What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR?

Technology is rapidly improving with time. A result of this is Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Extended Reality (XR). Let us know about them and also What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR.

But before this, let us try to understand what immersive technology is.

What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR
What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR

What is Immersive Technology?

After the pandemic, the economy of the whole world has been charmed. Although online business and e-commerce got a lot of success during this period, the overall business process suffered a lot. 

After the pandemic, companies are also using new technologies, including AI and data analytics, to recover from their losses and serve their customers. 

These are called immersive technologies which are helping companies to connect with their customers, create seamless business networks and predict their future.

Using immersive technology, a customer can enter a virtual space and experience the product/services, understand every aspect of the product before purchasing it. 

Similarly, by using customer data and then analyzing it, companies can predict the changing preferences of customers and provide them the products or services that they are actually looking for.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

It is clear from the name of Virtual Reality that it gives the feeling of a virtual world. Virtual reality has become quite popular now. Everyone wants to buy and use it.

For experiencing Virtual Reality, a VR headset is used. By wearing it, you move into an imaginary world, a virtual world, separate from the real world. 

This technology is used extensively in games and simulations. 

For example, if you want to drive a racing car or want to enjoy riding on a roller coaster, you can enjoy it with the help of a VR headset and you will feel exactly as if you are really driving a racing car or sitting on the roller coaster.

When you use VR, wherever you turn your head, the picture appears there.  It makes you feel just like the real thing.

The display also changes its settings according to sound and motion. In this technology, filming for videos is done with a special type of 360 degree camera.

You can use virtual reality either by connecting it to a gaming console or from a smartphone.

To use a VR headset on a smartphone, there are separate VR games and applications available which have to be downloaded.

Talking about VR headsets in the Indian market, mobile VR headsets are quite popular, which include three types of VR devices.

  • Cardboard VR Device: This device is made of cardboard. This is a very simple type of VR. In this, two lenses fit in the cardboard. To use it, you have to set your mobile phone in it and hold it with your hand in front of your eyes, after which you can easily enjoy gaming and videos in virtual reality.
  • Plastic headsets: These headsets are plastic frame-like, which have a space at the front to fit the smartphone. These are medium range headsets, which are quite popular at the moment.
  • Gear VR: If you want to use a high-end, luxurious VR headset, then the Gear VR headset is the best option. As comfortable as it is to use, it is also capable of providing a better quality video experience. Almost every big company has launched its VR headsets in this category.
What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR
What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is completely different from Virtual Reality. On one hand, VR gives you a feel of a completely virtual world, on the other hand, AR shows you a few made-up things by connecting them in the real world.

Suppose, if you are in an empty room, it can give you the feeling of having furniture in that room.

To experience AR, either smartphone camera is used or an AR headset is used. AR shows you by adding virtual things to the real world. If you have ever experienced the ‘Google Lens’ or ‘Pokemon Go’ game, then you will be well aware of it.

Actually, when we start Google Lens in front of something, it sees that object with our camera and scans it.

When the object placed in front is scanned, all the information about it is placed in front of us. Google Lens is adept at scanning everything from documents to objects and many other things. Not only this, text in any other language can also be translated through Lens.

Many online e-commerce companies are using AR technology to sell their products. 

Using AR, you can virtually experience how a product will look in your home or where it would be best to keep it. For example, if you purchase a TV, where would be best to install it in your home.

AR technology is costlier than VR.

What is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed Reality (MR) is a mixture of AR and VR. Using mixed reality (MR), you can interact not only with physical objects but also with digital objects which is not possible in AR or VR.

Mixed Reality Platform has been introduced by Microsoft. This technology has been made available with Hololens. In this technology, AR and VR work together. 

This means that in MR technology, the camera remains attached to the headset. The camera used for augmented reality creates virtual reality effects. This technology is expected to grow rapidly in the coming time. 

MR is better than AR and VR. This may be useful especially for industry workers and medical professionals in the upcoming future.

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What is Extended Reality (XR)?

Any technology that modifies reality by introducing digital components to the physical or real-world surroundings to any degree, obfuscating the distinction between the two, is referred to as extended reality (XR).

AR, MR, VR, and any technology, even undeveloped ones, falling anywhere along the virtuality spectrum are all considered to be part of XR.

Remember that XR technologies are still developing and that we have yet to fully realize their potential. 

There’s still a lot to learn about how users can engage with them more effectively and get the greatest outcomes.

Using Extended Reality (XR), people can virtually visit places, and feel as if they are present at that location, interacting with other individuals over the XR. Thus, it is a combination of AR, VR and MR.

What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR
What is the Difference Between VR AR MR and XR

Major Challenges Being Faced in Developing Extended Reality (XR):

  • Cost: Cost is the biggest challenge that companies developing XR have to face. XR devices are very expensive. Since many industries are working together and a lot of hardware is required to make these devices, the cost is very high. If the cost is high, the general public may not be able to use this product and developing companies may not be able to increase their sales, this may not motivate investors to invest their money in XR.
  • Hardware: Developing hardware for XR devices is also a challenge for companies in this sector. Since there are so many technologies, software, and components being used, creating hardware is a difficult task. The hardware must not only be robust, but also compact and capable of processing a lot of information very quickly, and on top of that, the hardware must also be cheap.
  • Privacy: Privacy is a challenge that both users and companies have to face. Since XR tools are required to create an environment based on user needs, hence, creating a user-rich environment may require a lot of personal details. Storing such data can prove costly for the company.

Applications of Extended Reality (XR):

  • Entertainment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Education and Training
  • Work From Home


In this way we saw what AR, VR, MR and XR are and what is their contribution in our day to day life. We also explored how they can connect the real and virtual worlds and provide us an amazing experience.

That’s all for now my friend! I hope this article will be valuable for you. You can reach me through the emails given below. I will love your valuable comments and feedback.


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