What is OpenAI’s Project Q Star? Whether It is a shocking Mankind-Threat 2023?

Hello my friends! In this article we will see what is OpenAI’s Project Q Star and whether it is a new threat to mankind?

Recently we have seen a new drama in the AI ​​world. The OpenAI company which provided ChatGPT, had dismissed its CEO Sam Altman after which Microsoft had offered him to become the head of its AI team.

Days after the incident, OpenAI recalled Sam Altman. A mysterious Project Q-Star (Project Q*) of OpenAI is believed to be one of the reasons behind this very high voltage drama. 

However, there is very little information in this regard.

What is OpenAI's Project Q Star
What is OpenAI’s Project Q Star?


What is OpenAI’s Project Q Star?

Is it Mankind-Threat?

Project Q Star is OpenAI’s internal AI application designed to solve mathematical and logical problems. Researchers found that while solving mathematical problems, it showed surprising intelligence that was not part of its training.

From this incident, researchers came to know that the algorithm of Project Q Star is so powerful that it has evolved from AI to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and it is smarter than humans.

On the basis of limited information and available reports, it is said that in the company’s protracted search for Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI, Altman made progress.

 In an earlier blog post this year, Altman defined AGI as “AI systems that are generally smarter than humans.” 

He also discussed how the global economy could be pushed by artificial general intelligence (AGI) if it were developed successfully.

The drawbacks of this superintelligence were acknowledged by Altman, who stated that “AGI would also come with serious risk of misuse, drastic accidents, and societal disruption.”

“Because the upside of AGI is so great, we do not believe it is possible or desirable for society to stop its development forever; instead, society and the developers of AGI have to figure out how to get it right,” Altman wrote in a blog post from February 2023.

Generative AI is essentially a branch of machine learning that depends on mathematical models. When AI solves a math problem, it does so algorithmically, following a predetermined path to resolution. 

To put things in perspective, generative AI is mostly used in writing tasks today, such as typing emails to fulfill specific tasks or anticipating your next word in Gmail. 

It is also said that prior to Altman’s termination, a letter which was sent to the OpenAI board, highlights the potential of the new AI and emphasizes the importance of safety concerns, which appeared to be receiving less attention. 

Project Q started coming into limelight when a leading global news provider organization released a report in which they said that OpenAI researchers wrote a letter to the board members with a warning that the AI Project Q* could prove to be a threat to humanity because it is more intelligent than humans. However, OpenAI’s spokesperson contested it.

This incident has also opened the way for debate whether OpenAI is working on some mysterious Project Q Star which is more intelligent than humans? This has also raised questions about Sam Altman’s intentions. The issue of debate is also whether AI has become so powerful that it can pose a threat to humanity?

People are also worried that if AI becomes more intelligent than humans then it might start reminding them of the Terminator movie.

Apart from this, it is also being said that out of about 770 employees of OpenAI, more than 700 people had also warned the board that they would also leave the company. This is also being explained as a reason for Sam Altaman’s return to OpenAI.

What is OpenAI's Project Q Star
What is OpenAI’s Project Q Star

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These incidents have revealed that in the future there is a possibility that AI may become so powerful that it may become more intelligent than humans. If that day comes, we will have to take all possible measures to stop its evil spirit so that it helps in the upliftment of humanity and not becomes a part of its destruction.

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