Cyber Frauds Taking Hawala Route- Police Says: Shocking News In 2024

Cyber Frauds Taking Hawala Route- Police Says: Shocking News In 2024

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The incident took place in Kolkata (India). After arresting two city-based businessmen in connection with a cyber fraud of Rs 1.2 crore, the bank fraud section of the detective department busted a new modus operandi adopted by fraudsters to transfer fraudulent amounts.

Cyber Frauds Taking Hawala Route
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Six people have been arrested in this case, as yet. The fraudsters were depositing the defrauded amounts in unrelated accounts belonging to the arrested businessmen – Satish Patel of Madan Mohan Barman Street (Jorasanko) and Shekhar Balmiki of Asansol – and employees of trade and textile companies.

Money was also transferred to a mobile and a garment store in Chhattisgarh. Police said that later the amount was being distributed among the thugs through Hawala. This made it difficult for the police to keep track of the money trail.

The traders were arrested with the help of information shared by a bar dancer in Kolkata, who was also arrested earlier in the case. The mastermind was earlier arrested from Bengaluru.

Kolkata Police sleuths arrested two masterminds, Vishant DR and Robert Raj F, wanted in loan app fraud cases using Telegram. This is the seventh inter-state raid by the cybercrime prevention team covering Delhi, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Bengal. Both were arrested in Karnataka and given 5 days transit remand to Kolkata Police.

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